Like after a missile strike: Iran was shocked by a powerful earthquake – terrible photos of the consequences


Like after a missile strike: Iran was rocked by a powerful earthquake – creepy photos of the aftermath

A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9 occurred in the Iranian city of Khoi on January 29. As a result of the earthquake, several deaths are known, as well as many injured.

According to local authorities, at least 816 people were injured, some of them were taken to neighboring areas for treatment. Three deaths are known.

More than 40 earthquakes were recorded in Iran

The strongest earthquake occurred late on Saturday, January 28, at a depth of 7 kilometers and was also felt in the city of Urmia and several other districts.

Since then, more than 40 tremors have been recorded, the strongest of which had a magnitude 4.2.

According to the Iranian Seismological Center, the magnitude of the earthquake that occurred at 21:44 local time was 5.9.

The consequences of the earthquake in Iran/Photo

Damage was reported to buildings and some infrastructure in the area. Residential buildings in dozens of villages surrounding Khoy were particularly hard hit.

Some of them also experienced power outages.

At military installations in Iran powerful explosions were heard

  • On January 29, Iran was restless not only because of the earthquake. At night, drone attacks on military bases and other enterprises were recorded in Iranian cities. As a result, strong fires broke out at the impact sites.
  • Almost the first explosion occurred in the Iranian city of Isfahan, where drones attacked one of the centers for the production of ammunition of the country's Ministry of Defense. A large-scale fire also broke out at an oil refinery in the industrial area of ​​Salimi in the city of Azarshahr.
  • The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps blames the attack on the opposition organization Mujahideen-e Khalq and “Zionist enemies.” In addition, the Iranian media are spreading versions about the involvement of the United States and Israel in the attack.

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