Like in Nazi Germany: in Russia, schoolchildren are taught to raise their hands with shouts of “I am Russian”


Like in Nazi Germany: in Russia, schoolchildren are taught to raise their hands with shouts of

Russia is becoming more and more like Nazi Germany every day. This is emphasized by the adviser to the head of the OP Sergey Leshchenko.

During the traditional briefing, he drew attention to what Russian children learn in schools. According to the adviser to the head of the Office of the President Sergei Leshchenko, they raise their hands in the same way as Hitler's supporters did in their time, Channel 24 reports.

Raise their hands to the exclamations “I'm Russian”

It is interesting to watch how Russian propaganda increasingly imitates the propaganda of Nazi Germany. In particular, right under open cameras in schools, children are taught to raise their hands in Nazi congratulations and speak loudly in chorus the phrase “I am Russian,” he noted.

Immediately make a reservation that this video is already more than a month old. It was filmed on February 23 during one of the “victorious concerts” to which students were driven. It happened in one of the schools of Tatarstan. There they were drilled so that they would react more actively to the phrase “I am Russian.”

The woman who, in ecstasy on the stage, shouted out “I am Russian”, pretty much put pressure on the students. She asked teenagers who didn’t really want to participate in this coven, “well, what are you all in general, aren’t Russians or something?” The bullying didn't end there.

Realizing that there were really not only Russians among those present, she approached from the other side. Like, they are all citizens of the aggressor country. And for those who do not want to raise their hands, she simply offered to leave the country.

Meanwhile, adult Russians continue to be actively persecuted to death. And they use all possible methods for this.

Not only subpoenas are served in Perm

  • For example, in Perm, summonses are distributed along with referrals for medical tests.
  • According to local media, the subpoenas are not handed in person. They, along with a sheet for passing tests, are simply thrown into mailboxes. With the Russians, no one is on ceremony.
  • The agenda indicates the date when you need to appear at the military registration and enlistment office. And you should arrive there already with the results of the tests on hand.

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