Link found between postcoid syndrome and nightmares

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Link found between postcoid syndrome and nightmares

Link found between postcoid syndrome and nightmares

People who have had a coronavirus infection often complain about the long-term effects of the disease. One of the most common complaints: sleep disturbances, insomnia and nightmares, according to Vechernyaya Moskva.

Somnologist, head of the FMBA Sleep Medicine Center, Alexander Kalinkin, noted that this symptom may not be associated with a virus, but with the stress that the person has suffered. Essentially, patients are experiencing PTSD.

The second possible cause is anti-clotting therapy. It can affect the state of the body and cause sleep impairment. The third is the specific changes that occur in the body under the influence of the virus.

The expert noted that the problems can be solved if you see a doctor in time. Self-medication, in particular, uncontrolled intake of sleeping pills, can only aggravate the situation. Somnologists will identify the exact cause of the disorder and recommend appropriate therapy.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of Great Britain after suffering a coronavirus began to feel a constant smell of cigarettes. The man himself has not smoked for many years.

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