Listed are useful, but unknown to many functions of the smartphone

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Listed are useful, but unknown to many functions of the smartphone

The Prime Agency interviewed Stanislav Kosarev, Director of the Faculty of Information Technologies at Synergy University, in which the specialist listed useful functions of a smartphone that few people know about.

One of these options was named the ability to create links for contacts. By moving them to your desktop, you can speed up the process of calling a subscriber. In the same way, you can optimize other functions, for example, incognito mode. You can also display settings for adjusting brightness, volume and others on the screen.

The specialist also spoke about the tools you can use to speed up the animation of the device.

For these purposes, you need to enter the developer mode, which is often activated by pressing 7 times on the build number of your smartphone. Next, you need to find several animation points and speed them up twice – by doing so, you will make your phone work faster than usual, which saves time, ” – said Kosarev.

Among the useful, but little-known functions, there was also a guest mode, which will help limit a number of personal data when using the device by a stranger. To activate it you need to open notifications, click on the user icon and “add a guest”.

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