Lithuania has created a list of hostile states, which included two aggressors


Lithuania has created a list of hostile states where two aggressors have fallen

Lithuania has compiled a list of dangerous countries/Photos from open sources

The Lithuanian government has prepared a list of hostile countries of the state. It includes Russia, Belarus, as well as a number of quasi-republics.

Lithuania approved the list of hostile states prepared by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation. On its basis, companies that belong to these countries will be excluded from tenders for public procurement. It is also reported that contracts already concluded with them may be terminated, channel 24 reports.

Lithuania will not conduct state purchases from these countries

Minister of Economy Aushryne Armonaitė noted that until now It was not possible for customers to reject tenders or break government contracts if the offered goods are supplied by these countries, or when suppliers are associated with them. The corresponding list allows you to do this.

Customers will be able to decide not to finance these enemy countries through public procurement, she stressed.

The list of hostile countries included Russia, Belarus, annexed Crimea, the territory of Transnistria not controlled by the Moldovan authorities, and the territory of Abkhazia and South Ossetia not controlled by the Georgian authorities.

The corresponding list will be valid until the state of emergency is declared, as well as in other similar cases established by the Government of Lithuania.

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