Lithuanians raised almost 6 million euros and bought anti-drone guns for the Armed Forces of Ukraine: what will the rest of the money go to


Lithuanians collected almost 6 million euros and bought anti-drone guns for the Armed Forces of Ukraine: what will the rest of the money be spent on

Tapinas on Lithuanian assistance to Ukraine/Channel 24 collage

The proud Lithuanian people raised 6 million euros for Bayraktar for Ukraine, which Turkey agreed to donate for free. Now, for all the money, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive many pleasant surprises.

This was told to Channel 24 by Lithuanian TV presenter and author of the gathering at Bayraktar, Andrius Tapinas. First of all, he expressed condolences to all Ukrainians for the tragedy in Vinnitsa . The journalist believes that over time ” freaks from Russia will definitely receive retribution “.

What gifts will the Ukrainian Armed Forces receive from the Lithuanians

< p>The Lithuanians will generously help the Ukrainian military. We bought many interesting things for 6 million euros:

  • missiles and bombs for Bayraktar for 1.5 million euros;
  • anti-drone guns for 1.5 million euros;< /li>
  • 2 reconnaissance drones for 660 thousand euros;
  • medicines and special assistance from Turkey for 3 hospitals in Cherkasy for 350 thousand euros;
  • now the Lithuanians have 350 thousand euros, which will also go to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

For more than 1 million euros, the Lithuanians purchased 80 special radars for anti-drone guns. They will help to destroy Russian drones much more effectively.

Soon your soldiers will receive these guns with special drone-detector radars. They do not require visual contact with the drone. The radar captures the target at a distance of up to 5 km. This way you will be able to shoot down Russian Orlans and other drones with the help of electronics,” the journalist noted.

Lithuanians are not going to stop

Tapinas notes that Lithuanians ask him every day how they can help Ukraine to fight against the aggressor. Therefore, the journalist will definitely organize an additional meeting for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

For example, next week he intends to help the Poles raise money for “Bayraktar” for Ukraine.

Lithuania and Poland will help each other to help your country. Nothing ends, there is no fatigue from help. We want to do more and more. Especially when we see such horrors that are happening in Ukraine,” Tapinas emphasized.

  • Recall that in Lithuania, literally three days later, they raised money for the “Bayraktar” for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, Turkey agreed to transfer it for free. This “bird” has already flown to Ukraine.
  • Subsequently, the Ukrainians collected 600 million hryvnias for three Bayraktors. Turkey again agreed to transfer them free of charge.
  • A similar action is taking place in Poland. They are also raising funds for a drone.

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