Lithuanians will collect money for weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Independence Day


Lithuanians will collect money for weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine by Independence Day

Lithuanians will collect money for weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine/Collage of Channel 24

< strong _ngcontent-sc86="">A few months ago, Lithuania raised money for Bayraktor for Ukraine. Then the Turkish company handed it over for free, and for this money they bought a lot of necessary things for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Now, on Independence Day, Lithuanians are raising money for new weapons for the Ukrainian military.


Lithuanian journalist and TV presenter Andrius Tapinas told Channel 24 about this. He announced that the new fundraiser will begin on Tuesday, August 15.

According to him, not only Lithuania will join this, they will also call on people from other countries – Latvia, Estonia, Poland to join.

This will be a new campaign called Legion of Boom. I can’t say yet what we will buy, but these will be the things that will “boom” Russian tanks or perhaps even bridges or airfields,” Tapinas emphasized.

But he joked that it would not be HIMARS, because the Lithuanian society is not yet allowed to raise money for this.

“I think it will be a good gift that we want to make for the Independence Day of Ukraine , 24 August. We have 8 active days for this. Our primary goal is 4 million euros,” the Lithuanian journalist replied.

He assured that the Lithuanians are enthusiastic, everyone is waiting, they are interested in what kind of weapons they will raise money for. ” Everyone says they are ready, because August 10 is their pay day, so they will have money. I think that funds will be found,” the journalist added.

I always say that it’s much cheaper for us to help Ukraine than to defend ourselves against Russia later,” Tapinas summed up. , which Turkey agreed to hand over free of charge. And with the money raised, the Lithuanians were able to purchase many interesting things:

  • missiles and bombs for Bayraktar for 1.5 million euros;
  • anti-drone guns for 1.5 million euros;
  • 2 reconnaissance drones for 660 thousand euros;
  • medicines and special assistance from Turkey for 3 hospitals in Cherkasy for 350 thousand euros;
  • < li> the Lithuanians have 350 thousand euros left, they will also go to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

For more than 1 million euros, the Lithuanians purchased 80 special radars for anti-drone guns. They will help to destroy Russian drones much more effectively.

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