Lithuanians will give Ukraine drones and weapons for Putin's birthday


Lithuanians will give Ukraine drones and weapons for Putin's birthday

Russian dictator Putin will celebrate his 70th birthday on October 7th. Caring Lithuanians want to give him a gift – to raise money and donate a lot of drones and weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This Channel 24 was told by the Lithuanian journalist and TV presenter who organized the collection on “Bayraktar” for Ukraine, Andrius Tapinas. According to him, after more than 7 months since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Lithuanian people are still powerfully helping Ukraine.

Of course, even in Lithuania, Russian propaganda is trying to present “its own voice”. Local Putin fanatics, several of whom are in the local parliament, want to undermine public confidence in Ukraine. But they don't succeed .

There will be a “gift” for Putin

October 7, when Putin will have birthday, Tapinas, together with other volunteers, organizes a big fundraiser for one day for weapons for Ukraine. He hopes that the Lithuanians will spare no expense to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Volunteers collect many different interesting things for the Ukrainian army with the money received. There will be drones, and mines, and much more.

We will ask the Armed Forces of Ukraine to give this gift to Putin. There will be some mines, some drones, weapons for Bayraktar, who is still working at the front. There will also be anti-drone guns. This is a cool test to see how ready the Lithuanians are to help Ukraine. I hope for a good sum,” Tapinas said.

Lithuanians have already powerfully supported the Armed Forces of Ukraine more than once

  • Both Lithuanian politicians and ordinary people regularly present pleasant surprises for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anushauskas, his country will purchase 37 Polish Warmate kamikaze drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. These “birds” should arrive in Ukraine in October-November of this year.
  • Money for these kamikaze drones and other important things was raised as part of the Legion of Boom campaign for Ukraine's Independence Day.
  • < li> Earlier Lithuanians collected money for Bayraktar for Ukraine. The Turkish company donated it free of charge, and all funds were used for other important needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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