“Logical step”: Russia can use balloons during missile attacks


Russia has begun launching balloons with peculiar reflectors into Ukraine. This is how enemy reconnaissance works.

Roman Svitan, a reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a military expert, an instructor pilot, spoke about this Channel 24. According to him, this can be a signal that the enemy is likely to carry out another attack by drones or missiles.

How balloons work

Roman Svitan explained that such a balloon carries a reflector or its elements. They “light up” the target point on the screen of any radar scanning the sky, so Ukrainian defenders must react to such targets instantly.

We have to put our locators of anti-aircraft missile systems. They are immediately portrayed by Russian drones, coming immediately with these balls, he stressed.

Svitan also added that Russian A-50 long-range radar reconnaissance aircraft raised into the atmosphere can see the activation of certain air defense systems at a depth of 600 kilometers.

This means that in this way the invaders reconnoiter the approximate location of Ukrainian systems and calculate the algorithm for launching them.

“For after each launch, we move our location stations so that the enemy cannot destroy them,” the military expert noted.

The enemy uses these balloon launches primarily for reconnaissance purposes.

Roman Svitan told what to expect after the launch of balloons by the Russians: watch the video

What to expect from the Russians

Roman Svitan said that, most likely, preparations for a missile attack are already underway.

“They are looking for an understanding of the algorithms for responding to this type of stimulus: we will or will not shoot them down with missiles,” he stressed.

According to him, how the Ukrainian side reacts to such targets, the Russians will calculate the estimated number of missiles needed to deplete our air defense system.

In the near future, they can prepare such a massive attack of balls, Shahed drones, cruise missiles and aircraft on the front line, he said.

Svitan assured that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing for such actions of the enemy. In particular, Ukrainian defenders are expanding the air defense system, have the necessary anti-aircraft missile systems and a sufficient number of missiles thanks to Western partners.

What is known about the balloons which Russia launches in Ukraine

  • In particular, on February 15 in several regions of the country, including Kiev, because of such goals. an air raid alert sounded.
  • On February 14 and 15, Yury Ignat, spokesman for the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, announced that Russia was launching bullets with reflectors in Ukraine. They do this in order to divert the attention of our air defense.
  • However, Yuri Ignat assured that there is no reason to worry, because the bullets do not pose a danger. However, these things need to be controlled, because there may be something serious between them.
  • Recall that back on February 12, the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced that Russia could launch balloons on the territory of Ukraine. According to Yuriy Ignat, all the invaders did this in order to confuse the military of Ukraine.

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