Longevity has been linked to special gut bacteria

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Longevity has been linked to special gut bacteria

Longevity has been linked to special gut bacteria

Japanese scientists have discovered a new secret for centenarians. The ability to live up to a hundred years or more may be due to unique gut bacteria, Nature reports.

We are talking about the gram-negative bacteria Odoribacteraceae. They produce antimicrobial bile acids and inhibit the growth of dangerous microorganisms that cause severe disease.

Experiments from Keio University in Tokyo have shown that long-livers have significantly more such bacteria than people aged eighty or less. But experts could not say what this feature is associated with, with the correct lifestyle or genetics.

The study involved three groups of volunteers: 160 people aged at least 100 years, 112 elderly people (aged 85 to 89 years) and 47 young people (aged 21 to 55 years). Scientists analyzed their microbe (a community of intestinal bacteria) and found in the representatives of the first group an increased number of microorganisms that produce isoallolitocholic acid (soalloLCA).

This substance is effective against a range of intestinal pathogens, including those that are resistant to modern drugs. So, it fights Clostridioides difficile and Enterococcus faecium.

C. difficile can cause severe diarrhea, especially in people who are treated with antibiotics. Elderly people are especially difficult to tolerate the symptoms it causes.

E. faecium has the ability to cause bloodstream infections, urinary tract infections (UTIs), and wound infections. It also has increased resistance to antibiotics and environmental stress.

Scientists noted that they have identified a link between Odoribacteraceae and longevity, but the nature of this connection remains to be studied. They intend to continue researching the gut microbiome and its effect on life expectancy.

Earlier, scientists said that by the end of the XXI century, the record of absolute longevity will be broken. There will be people who will live 120-130 years.

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