Loopholes for the inclusion of foreign software in the register of Russian software will be closed until July

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Moscow. April 23. INTERFAX.RU – Loopholes in the legislation, allowing conditionally modified foreign software to enter the register of Russian software, will be closed in the first half of the year, Ilya Massukh, director of the ANO “Center of Competence for Import Substitution in the ICT Sphere” …

According to him, now the register contains several products that do not fully correspond to the concept of domestic software. One of them is the AlterOffice office suite from Almi Partner.

“They (a product of Almi Partner” – IF) were included in the register only because they found certain loopholes in the legislation. In principle, the position is this: this software is an absolute, almost 100% clone of a foreign product, for the development of which “Almi Partner “It has nothing to do, and this is confirmed by several examinations. But, unfortunately, there were loopholes in the legislation – and they were forced to include (in the register – IF) , and these loopholes have not yet been eliminated,” Massukh said.

According to him, legal loopholes should be eliminated, and it is likely that this will be done before July.

“We are raising this issue both at the expert council and at the Ministry of Digital Industry. I think, given the generally good speed that the government has gained, we will solve this by the end of the first half of the year. Because this applies not only to Almi Partner, there are a lot of products. , similar to “Almi”, which we also need to clean (from the register – IF) “, – said Massukh.

Products included in the register of domestic software can qualify for tax benefits as part of the tax maneuver. In addition, as part of import substitution, government agencies and state-owned companies select software from this register when purchasing software. Also, the use of Russian software is provided for by a number of state projects.

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