Love message to Kane gives goosebumps before the final


Love message to Kane gives goosebumps before the final

Harry and Kate Kane

England in the EM final fever! Today the “Three Lions” can fix the title against Italy. There is a special motivation for Harry Kane.

It's been 55 years since England won the first and only major title in football history at the 1966 World Cup at Wembley Stadium. Now the “motherland of football” is dreaming of a great moment in the European Championship final against Italy. Hopes rest particularly on striker Harry Kane. His wife sends an emotional message of love before the showdown.

Kate Kane is the 27-year-old's great childhood sweetheart. The two knew each other as children and are now a couple. She writes on Instagram: “I laughed at you when we started dating, you played penalties with my brother Tom and the dog Seamus and you said that one day you would be England captain.”

Today we know: Kane has gone his own way – and wants to make football history in the final. He says: “We have all waited so long. You have to seize this opportunity with both hands.” He could well imagine the moment of his career crowning: “Of course, as a player, you think of this moment, you dream of this moment.”

While Kane wants to shine on the lawn in front of more than 60,000 fans today, Kate keeps her fingers crossed. Here is her love message in full:

“H, you know that I am not someone who cries easily, but when I started to write down how proud you make us all and what you do for our country, tears came to me.

I laughed at you that one day you would be the captain of England. But that's you – you set a goal for yourself and you achieve it. And you always said that you were going to the European Championship to get to the finals.

You are just a wonderful husband and father and the kids can't wait to have you back home. Imagine how you can tell them all about this summer when they are a little older. We love you all very much, skipper. Bring it home for the country, you deserve to lift that trophy with this incredible English team! “

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