Luchanka tried to sell an 11-month-old baby: how much did a woman value a child's life


Luchanka tried to sell an 11-month-old baby: how much did a woman value a child's life

A 23-year-old resident of Lutsk gave birth to a boy at home, whom she immediately gave to her 26-year-old girlfriend to take care of him. Then the woman decided to sell the child in order to improve her financial situation.

The attacker began to look for people who could sell an 11-month-old baby. That is how the police exposed the woman.

How much did the Luchka value the life of a child

According to the results of the investigation, a Volyn woman tried to sell the child to her girlfriend for $30,000. Fortunately, internal security operatives and Volyn police investigators prevented the crime. The child was handed over to the doctors.

Luchanka tried to sell the baby / Photo by the National Police of Ukraine

The unfortunate guardian was announced on suspicion under part 3 of Article 149 (Human Trafficking) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. In addition, after examining all the circumstances and facts, the mother's actions will also be given a legal qualification.

The issue of choosing a measure of restraint for the participants in the crime is being resolved.

In Kyiv, a 5-month-old child lived in an abandoned unfinished building: what is known

  • On March 23, the Pechersk Center for Social Services received a message that a child was being brought up on Boychuk Street in unsanitary conditions. Juvenile policemen left for the scene.
  • At the specified address, law enforcement officers found an abandoned building with unsuitable living conditions. Moreover, it turned out that a 36-year-old woman with a 5-month-old boy lived in conditions of dirt, unsanitary conditions and the absence of any communications.
  • Due to the immediate threat to the life and health of the baby, the police handed the child over to medical supervision. Now the boy is in a medical facility, where nothing threatens his life and health.
  • At the same time, social workers and law enforcement officers communicate with the mother. The further fate of the child and mother will be decided by social services.

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