Lukas Podolski: vile brother, cult kicker and the last of his kind


The 36-year-old is a type that is rarely seen in football. Germany could have used someone like him well

Lukas Podolski: vile brother, cult kicker and the last of his kind

It may be that with him something would have turned out differently for the German national team in the last two tournaments. Not that Lukas Podolski is now the man who makes the difference and who would decide games single-handedly. But at 36 years of age, the striker still has a unique selling point and has a gift that you can't learn: This Lukas Podolski is a real canon of mood, a cheerful nature that can inspire everyone and therefore for a coach during such a long tournament is irreplaceable. At least off the lawn.

In the interviews with the KURIER, Joachim Löw repeatedly emphasized the importance of Lukas Podolski. “He was always in a good mood. The Poldi was extremely important for the atmosphere in the team, ”remembers the former national coach. “I remember once he just threw a journalist into the swimming pool like that. But somehow you can't be angry with him. “

Harsh criticism

A guy like Lukas Podolski would have looked good to the Germans at the World Cup in Russia (out in the preliminary round) and now at the EM (out in the second round). Especially since the player who is widely praised as a joker and entertainer had little to laugh about at this tournament: Thomas Müller, who next to Lukas Podolski looks more like a joke, has still not scored a single European Championship goal in his career.

After the elimination, the Bayern goalgetter presented himself more aggressively than during the final round. “With our efforts to stay without conceding a goal through a rather wait-and-see, compact defensive strategy, we have de facto failed,” complained Müller and blamed the former national coach Joachim Löw for the buck.

Funny explanation

Lukas Podolski, who, like Müller, was part of the team that won the World Cup in 2014, would never think of such a criticism of the former boss. “You can only take your hat off to what the Jogi has done,” the 36-year-old recently told the Express.

Podolski has always had a special relationship with Joachim Löw. It was also he who publicly jumped to the side of the national coach when he was denounced again on social media after Löw's finger got lost in his pants during a European Championship match in front of a global audience. “80 percent of you and I too, we scratch our eggs too,” said Lukas Podolski in the summer of 2016 at the official DFB press conference and, as so often, had the laughs on his side with this legend.

Worthy ending

He is and will always be a joker. And because Lukas Podolski still enjoys life as a footballer so much, he has no desire to shoot the ball out. While many of his World Cup colleagues from 2014 have already ended their careers, the 36-year-old has already found a new challenge: After stints in England, Italy, Japan and Turkey, Podolski will now wear the jersey of the Polish first division club Gornik Zabrze. He is returning to the country where he was born in 1985. And that's where his football trip will come to an end. “My big dream is to end my football career with Gornik at some point,” wrote Podolski.

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