Lukashenka arrived in Zimbabwe: they put a “wreath” around his neck and arranged “wild dances” at the airport

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Lukashenko arrived in Zimbabwe: they put a

Lukashenko wants to establish an economic cooperation between Belarus and Zimbabwe.

Self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko arrived on an official visit to Zimbabwe on Monday, January 30.

Belarusian propagandists write about this.

An African country organized a reception for the Belarusian dictator. At the airport he was met by the President of Zimbabwe, Lukashenka was presented with a “wreath” of natural flowers. Also, in honor of the arrival of the dictator, he was shown fiery local dances at the airport.

Belarusian propagandists write that Lukashenka went to Zimbabwe to strengthen economic cooperation between the two states. Belarus plans to supply agricultural machinery there.

Note that Zimbabwe is a rather poor state in Africa. According to open data, the unemployment rate in this country is 80%, 68% of the population lives on the verge of poverty.

Recall that the self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko drove a wounded native of Donbass who fought for Russia in a wheelchair on the ice.< /p>

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