Lukashenka has something to lose, – Stupak explained what the movement of equipment in Belarus means


Lukashenka has something to lose, – Stupak explained what the movement of vehicles in Belarus means

In Belarus, the movement of Russian equipment, including tanks, is being recorded, which allegedly go towards the border with Ukraine. And although such news sounds very threatening, in fact it often happens that after passing along a certain route, the equipment returns to its original place.

About thisChannel 24Ivan Stupak, a former SBU officer and expert at the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, said. He joked that Belarusians and Russians might just want to air out, “walk” their equipment.

They want to intimidate the Armed Forces

But According to Stupak, and without jokes, there was information that several dozen different pieces of military equipment were sent by rail from Brest. They were taken to the East of Belarus, along the Ukrainian border, they spent the night somewhere, after which they were returned to Brest without even unloading.

Such interesting moves. We, of course, do not relax, but it is clear that this was more of a “scare” for our military. Like, you see, we are dragging back and forth, we can intimidate you, be afraid, how much equipment we have, – says Stupak.

Lukashenka is thinking about the future

He believes that the self-proclaimed Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko arranges such “shows” with technology on purpose. After all, he really has something to lose, something he wants to keep and transfer, because he has someone to transfer power or property, unlike Putin.

“That's why he worries about his future, and that's why he does these circus maneuvers – they drove equipment around the circus arena, showed clowns and then drove everything into garages,” the ex-SBU officer emphasized.

He added that this is not the latest news about the amazing movements of equipment across the territory of Belarus and near the Ukrainian border, and therefore this needs to be closely monitored.

  • The Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced the receipt of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems “Tor-M2K”. They say that a batch of these weapons came within the framework of an “intergovernmental agreement on military-technical cooperation between Russia and Belarus.”
  • Belarusian Major General Leonid Kasinsky said that the Belarusian military had already been trained and “successfully mastered” the received from Russia “Tora”.
  • Note that “Tor” is a tactical air defense system designed to perform air and missile defense tasks at the divisional level.

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