Lukashenka is more cunning than Putin, – Zhdanov said that he would force the army of Belarus to go to Ukraine


Lukashenko is more cunning than Putin, – Zhdanov said that he would force the army of Belarus to go to Ukraine

Zhdanov about Lukashenka and the threat from Belarus/Collage of Channel 24

The Ministry of Defense says that there is a high threat of an offensive from Belarus, but there is no evidence of preparations for the creation of shock groups. Experts say that Lukashenka is deceiving Putin.

What can force the army of Belarus to go to Ukraine

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov told Channel 24 about this. He believes that without the presence of Russian troops, the Belarusian army is unlikely to intervene in the war against Ukraine.

The expert explained that Belarus gives ammunition and equipment long-term storage to Russia .

“But they don't do that when they are preparing for war – they don't give away their military supplies, especially ammunition and equipment, because then they won't be able to fight,” Zhdanov noted.

According to him, the only thing that can force Belarus to go into battle is an order from Putin and forcing Lukashenka to issue such an order.

Zhdanov assures that the head of the Kremlin may need to delay part forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in any direction, especially from the East.

But it seems to me that they will wait for that army corps, which is now being formed as a mercenary in Mulino, up to 15 thousand soldiers. Its formation is scheduled for August, the expert said.

He has information that this army corps can enter Belarus and then, together with the Belarusian army, they will begin to advance into Ukraine.

Lukashenko is more cunning, than Putin

Zhdanov noted that there are Russian officers in the units of the Belarusian army who are trying to spread information among the Belarusians about the expediency of the war with Ukraine.

However , in his opinion, Putin has no influence on the leadership of Belarus, because then he would have removed Lukashenka.

The fact is that he (Lukashenko – Channel 24) tightly controls the power structure in the country – the KGB and the police, and he creates an atmosphere, like Putin in Russia, that is, “there is Lukashenka – there is Belarus, no Lukashenka – there is no Belarus,” the expert explained.

Zhdanov says that Lukashenka is trying to convince Putin that if something happens to him, then Western countries can be the first to reach the Belarusian people.

“Lukashenko is much more cunning than Putin. He has been leading the head of the Kremlin by the nose for 20 years,” the expert summed up.

Oleg Zhdanov dismissal of Zmeiny and threat from Belarus: video

What is known about the threat from Belarus

  • Earlier it was reported that Belarus pulled up to six battalions to the border with Ukraine in Bryansk and Gomel for reinforcement. These units are trying to conduct reconnaissance in the areas bordering Ukraine and Poland.
  • Ukrainian intelligence officers record the facts of preparation of sabotage and reconnaissance groups among Belarusian military personnel by Russian forces on the territory of Belarus.
  • Also, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine informed that Belarus was preparing to carry out covert mobilization.
  • There they began to massively summon men and women liable for military service to the military registration and enlistment offices. Also, from June 28 to July 16, a military meeting with those liable for military service is held in the Gomel region.

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