Lukashenka is preparing for war – Zhdanov said when Belarus will be ready to attack


Lukashenko is preparing for war, – Zhdanov said when Belarus would be ready to attack

Military expert admitted when Belarus could attack Ukraine/Channel 24 Collage

From the very beginning of the full-scale invasion, Belarus has become a definite springboard for the Russian army to wage war. However, now everything looks as if Lukashenka's armed forces are preparing for a full-fledged attack on Ukraine.

Belarus is creating an operational command on the border, pulling up the military, conducting exercises. But it is still unclear whether Lukashenka is distracting the attention of the Ukrainian side and drawing the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to himself, or is he really threatening Ukraine. And such uncertain actions can continue for quite a long time. Military expert Oleg Zhdanov told Channel 24 about this.

When Belarus is ready for an attack

According to him, this can continue until then until the economic crisis begins in Belarus. She is already approaching Russia, and after her, Belarus, but until this happens, Lukashenka will continue to “strangle our nerves.” That is, it will conduct constant exercises, demonstrations, and so on.

Zhdanov noted that today Lukashenka sometimes makes anti-war statements, but is still preparing for war. Now the Belarusian dictator is deploying armed forces of up to 35 thousand people, and “mobilization exercises” will continue until July 8. Further, this army will already begin training in preparation for combat use. And this really poses a threat to Ukraine.

He behaves like a normal dictator. The best way to defend is to attack, so he himself proclaims that everyone wants to attack him. This is the same rhetoric that sounds in Moscow – they say, all the enemies, everyone wants to attack, poor Russia, and then Belarus, they don’t know how to fight off this damned West, – Zhdanov emphasized.

The greatest concentration danger for Ukraine will be after the completion of the exercises on July 8. Until then, mobilization, the formation of units, and the distribution of equipment will continue. After that, they will theoretically be ready for combat use, but without undergoing training.

“If he (Lukashenko – Channel 24) follows the classical scheme and teaches for a month or two, and then conducts tactical exercises on the subject assessment of combat capability, then approximately at the end of September – the beginning of October, his armed forces will be ready for an attack “, – the military expert explained.

However, Lukashenko may still try to play for time after that in order to avoid execution of Putin's order to attack. He can continue to “dodge”, come up with something new and continue to say that he is preparing for war, but still not ready yet.

Meanwhile, events can develop in different ways. For example, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will start a counter-offensive operation that will deprive Belarus of the offensive, or Lukashenka will find a channel of communication with the West and begin to cooperate with it.

By guaranteeing his authorities, I think he will be ready to defect and sell Putin completely,” Zhdanov suggests.

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