Lukashenka offered to teach Belarusians to shoot because of the “stupefied world”

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Lukashenka offered to teach Belarusians to shoot because of the

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko believes that the population of the country should be trained in the skills of handling small arms, reports the state agency BelTA.

“Who guarantees that we will not fight? Neither you nor me, no one can guarantee. The world has gone crazy in general. War can break out at any moment at any point, God forbid, we have, ”Lukashenka warned and added that in this regard, it is necessary to train the population in the skills of handling small arms.

The President believes that training should be given primarily to those who are not trained in the country's armed forces. Thus, he urged to start with students, so that they “do not have to study on the battlefield in difficult times.”

Earlier, Lukashenka said that the country needs to establish the production of its own small arms. “If, God forbid, there is some kind of conflict, war, every family, territorial bodies should be armed with a whole range of small arms. Then the enemy, the enemy will understand that it is better not to get involved with us, ”he said. According to the head of state, to organize the production of weapons, Belarus can use the experience of Russia, which is “absolutely not against” the launch of production using its technologies.

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