Lukashenka signed a new decree and completely subjugated the KGB of Belarus


Lukashenko signed a new decree and completely subjugated the KGB of Belarus

Self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on October 10 signed a new decree on changing the position of the country's state security agencies. From now on, the KGB of Belarus is completely subordinate only to Lukashenka.

We note that earlier the KGB was also subordinate to the government and the Security Council of Belarus. The new changes in the decree are called “improvements”.

In addition, Lukashenka renamed the Institute of National Security into the Academy of National Security.

Help!The KGB (State Security Committee) of Belarus is the successor to the KGB of the Belarusian USSR. In 1991, after the country's independence was declared, a decree on its formation was signed.

Currently, there is a lot of evidence that the KGB of Belarus is a repressive body. In particular, we are talking about illegal detentions, torture and disappearances of opposition activists.

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Is there a threat of an attack from Belarus: latest news

  • The President of Belarus is no longer trying to hide his involvement in the war against Ukraine. At the same time, analysts suggest that the Russians and Belarusians will not attack Ukraine from the north.
  • On October 10, the self-proclaimed President of Belarus announced that his country was deploying the Regional Group of Forces of the Union State (RGV) to Russia.
  • According to the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, Russia is trying to drag Belarus into the war against Ukraine, but the self-proclaimed President Lukashenko is trying to avoid this. He is ready to give Russia all the forces that he has, only in order not to directly enter into an open war.
  • At the same time, NSDC Secretary Aleksey Danilov noted that there are few people in Belarus who want to fight against Ukraine. “I can say that there are almost no real Belarusians who want to fight us. They understand our attitude, they understand our attitude,” he stressed.

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