Lukashenka understands Ukraine's current position, therefore he has already started a new game – Gudkov


Lukashenko understands the current position of Ukraine, so he has already started a new game, – Gudkov< /p>

Self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is trying to play on several fronts. He is pursuing a policy that only he himself understood.

Gennady Gudkov, a Russian opposition politician, spoke about this Channel 24. According to him, the activity of the head of the Belarusian people will end in failure.

What tactics does Lukashenka have

Gennady Gudkov explained that Lukashenka is less dangerous than Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“He is not such an aggressor from an external point of view. He stomps, sausages, imprisons, depresses his people there,” he stressed. , the sanctions against him are a little softer than against the Russian leadership.

Lukashenko has always played on several fronts, he has always maneuvered among all the fires. And he continues to do this in his conscious life over the past decade, – said the oppositionist.

In addition, the self-proclaimed president of Belarus does not like to be interfered with.

Gennady Gudkov told what kind of policy Lukashenka has: watch the video

The Significance of Vladimir Makei's Death in Lukashenka's Politics

A striking example of this is the mysterious and sudden death of Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei. It generates conspiratorial various guesses, theories.

“And what did Makei do? He was engaged in just the second front, so to speak. He established contact with the West. It was such a front of the world,” Gudkov emphasized.

According to him , Makei did it quite well. As evidence – the reaction of the West. In particular, they believed that they could try to negotiate with Lukashenka.

This activity of Makei irritated the Putin regime and his retinue. They didn't call him anything. And there were no good words there,” he stressed.

The oppositionist added that, starting from the premature death of his foreign minister, Lukashenko probably came up with some other game.


“This time, playing the card, he understood that Ukraine is the frontman of the Western coalition,” he said.

Thus, Alexander Lukashenko constantly spoke about the unity of the Belarusian and Ukrainian peoples, the desire to sign a non-aggression pact, thus trying to anger Putin.

What will happen with Lukashenka

Gennady Gudkov explained that Lukashenka could have different opinions on this situation.

“Putin, I'm about to sign a non-aggression pact I'm asking you not to give one and a half billion, but two and a half, but you don't give me.According to the oppositionist, in general, Lukashenka's game is built on two principles.

“He has two mothers – he has time both there and there,” he laughed.

However, such a game will definitely not win Lukashenka.

I think it will end badly for Lukashenka. It's just that the time has not yet come,” he stressed.

Gudkov added that the time of judgment for the self-proclaimed president of Belarus will soon come.

Vladimir Makei died: briefly

  • On November 26, it became known that the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, Vladimir Makei, had died. He was 64 years old.
  • Immediately after Makei's death, there were thoughts that this could be Lukashenka's warning. And a Russian publicist from the United States, Andrey Piontkovsky, believes that with the departure of the Foreign Minister, Lukashenka's last link with the West was cut.
  • Bellingcat recorded a strange coincidence related to Makei's death

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