Lukashenka will be given an ultimatum – Feigin on his meeting with Putin


Lukashenko will issue an ultimatum – Feygin about his meeting with Putin

Lukashenko will meet with Putin/Getty Images

Vladimir Putin intends to meet with Alexander Lukashenko on April 12. During the conversation, the head of the Kremlin will continue to put pressure on him and may issue an ultimatum.

This was stated by Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin on Channel 24.

“I'm just sure that Putin will continue to put pressure on Lukashenka with an ultimatum,” the human rights activist said.

Belarusian military do not want to fight

According to Feigin, the Russian president insists that Belarusian troops be involved in the war in Ukraine. The Kremlin is looking for ways to “put pressure” on Lukashenka so that he stops resisting. At the same time, there is another problem.

The information is confirmed that the Belarusian military does not want to fight in Ukraine. I suspect that it is this problem that is difficult to solve,” the human rights activist noted.

Perhaps Russia understands this, but they need additional personnel so that part of the Ukrainian military will be involved in defense in this direction. Then the invaders will be able to carry out an operation in Donbas.

“In any case, I believe that Lukashenka will be forced to take action somehow. However, I cannot imagine that the Belarusian military will go to war,” the human rights activist added.

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