Lukashenko accused extremists of trying to unleash a war in Kazakhstan

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Lukashenko: the aim of extremists is to unleash a fratricidal war in Kazakhstan

Lukashenko accused extremists of trying to unleash a war in Kazakhstan

Alexander Lukashenko. Photo: Sputnik / Reuters

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that extremists were trying to unleash a war in Kazakhstan in order to commit an anti-constitutional coup and change the country's political course. This is stated in the condolences sent by Lukashenko to the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, reports TASS.

According to him, the attack of bandit formations organized on Kazakhstan, which entailed human casualties and destruction, once again demonstrated to the whole world the terrible threat that international terrorism poses. The head of Belarus noted that the obvious goal of the extremists is to destabilize the situation in Kazakhstan, wreak havoc and start a fratricidal war to overthrow the current government.

On January 6, Lukashenko named the reason for “not giving away” Kazakhstan, commenting on the protests in different cities of the republic. “We understand perfectly well that Kazakhstan cannot be given away. Well, you can't give it away, that's all. Because it will be such a gift as Ukraine for America, NATO. Therefore, I want you to understand correctly why the decision was made to bring in the peacekeeping forces of Belarus, ”the head of state said.

In early January, in Kazakhstan, due to the increase in the price of liquefied gas, massive protests broke out, which escalated into riots. The most significant clashes with the security forces took place in Alma-Ata. President Tokayev called the protesters terrorists and appealed to the CSTO countries for help. On January 6, the peacekeepers began work in Kazakhstan.

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