Lukashenko may be left without an army, – Zhdanov assessed the situation in Belarus


Lukashenko may be left without an army, – Zhdanov assessed the situation in Belarus

The situation in Belarus is developing in such a way that Lukashenka may be left without an army. It is very unsafe for him.

This was told by military expert Oleg Zhdanov, Channel 24 reports. However, it was said that Lukashenko has recently not even given Putin territory.

Lukashenka may lose his army

Zhdanov noted that Russia and Belarus have recently become confused themselves, Belarus is a separate state or already the only one with Russia. At least, they say about the army that these are the troops of the union state. Lukashenka may be left without an army at all.

This could have fatal consequences for him, since he is the self-proclaimed president of Belarus, a military expert noted.

Russian personnel are not increasing in Belarus yet

He continued that he had come across information that the Russians were secretly dumping personnel into Belarus, in particular, in railway tanks. However, this is a stuffing, a fake, since a person cannot be there. Fuel, acids, various chemicals are transported there, with which a person, if he breathes, will immediately suffocate.

“Don't believe such stuffing. It's much easier and more secretive to equip a truck for transporting personnel. Or, let's say, to run buses not on central roads, but on secondary roads. So, I think it's fake – tipping over personnel in this way,” Zhdanov stressed.

According to him, in general, there is no evidence of the overturning of a larger number of Russian military men in Belarus. Western intelligence services and the Belarusian oppositionists would have already said this. An increase in the number of personnel would be noticeable, because they would immediately be sent to the training ground, where they would have to be placed somewhere to feed them.

Zhdanov assessed the situation in Belarus: watch the video

Lack of equipment

As Zhdanov noted, even an increase in the number of personnel did not mean an offensive. Because maybe they are already driving with their machine guns, but there is nothing else. And we need tanks, armored personnel carriers, cars, etc. The equipment would be overturned in echelons, but the Russians do not hide this.

We are constantly watching. They are transferred from Belarus to Belarus, back and forth. Putting 5 – 8 human wagons in a military train is not a problem. Therefore, I think that it is unlikely that covert capsizing of personnel is carried out now, especially since intelligence data do not confirm this, – the military expert emphasized.

The threat of an offensive from Belarus: news

  • Belarusian usurper Alexander Lukashenko, during a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, said that “Ukraine pleasantly surprises him because it does not follow the West's lead.” This may be a signal for Ukraine and its Western partners.
  • Why, in fact, no one can say for sure when the offensive from Belarus is, and whether there will be one at all? The General Staff usually reports dryly: “There is a threat, but the creation of strike groups is not recorded.”
  • American analysts said that Lukashenka continues to balance against the Kremlin, trying to show Belarus as a sovereign country within the Union State dominated by Russia. This is evidenced by the recent meeting between Lukashenka and Lavrov.

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