Lviv receives daily not only refugees, but also many wounded, – Sadovy


Lviv daily receives not only refugees, but also many wounded, – Sadovy

Lviv receives not only refugees, but also the wounded/Collage 24 channel

During the first weeks of Russia's full-scale invasion, many Ukrainians temporarily moved to relatively safe regions of our state. A large number of internally displaced persons arrived in Lviv.

Then the city of Lion rebuilt 500 communal locations to accommodate everyone who needed it. Mayor Andriy Sadovy spoke about the current situation in Lviv on the air of a united news marathon, channel 24 broadcasts.

The situation with internally displaced persons and the wounded in Lviv

Andriy Sadovyy confirmed that some people, in particular residents of Kyiv, returned from Lviv home. However, more and more Ukrainians as of April 26 come to the city from the East of Ukraine. In addition, many wounded arrive every day.

The sad thing is that every day we receive new wounded. Today, in our first medical association there are 300 citizens of Ukraine who were taken to Lviv and are seriously injured,” Sadovyi said.

The mayor of the city stressed that now the main goal is to build a large National Center. After all, local authorities expect that after the war there will be thousands of Ukrainians who need special medical care, including prosthetics, facial plastic surgery, etc.

At the same time, Sadovyi added that currently people come to Lviv every day approximately 2.5 thousand internally displaced persons. Of these, 1 thousand remain in the city, 1 thousand go abroad, and about 500 citizens find refuge within the Lviv region.

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