Macron’s visit to the Kremlin: the main statements of the French president after the meeting with Putin

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Визит Макрона в Кремль: главные заявления французского президента после встречи с Путиным

The French President believes that there is an opportunity to find a peaceful path for Europe, but this requires new mechanisms.

The Russian Federation and France have different views on some issues of principle for both sides, but the presidents of the two countries agreed to work together on so-called “security guarantees”.

French President Emmanuel Macron said this on Monday, February 7, at a press conference following a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

After talks with the Russian leader, Macron noted that this conversation was meaningful.

According to him, now there is an opportunity to find a peaceful path for Europe, but this requires new mechanisms to ensure stability in Europe.

Macron called for the countries of the region, including Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and the EU countries to negotiate, which would lead to the construction of new security guarantees.

The French leader stressed that security solutions in Europe will be innovative.

“Russia and France have different views, it needs to be understood and accepted, but the presidents were able to “grope” the points where the positions on Ukraine converge,” the French president said.

Macron added that in the coming days they will be decisive in the issue of de-escalation around Ukraine. He also said that he was “nervous” about Russian troops on the border of Ukraine, where, according to him, 125,000 Russian troops are concentrated.

He also noted that he would inform Zelensky that the implementation of the Minsk agreements could lead to progress in the settlement of the conflict.

At the same time, the French leader expressed concern about Lukashenka’s words about nuclear weapons in Belarus. “But Putin calmed me down,” Macron commented.

The French president opposed the revision of existing security arrangements by restricting the rights of Europeans.

“I don’t think that the construction of new conditions should take place at the expense of a partial revision of agreements, either of our fundamental principles, or by limiting the rights of European states,” he said.

France and Russia have agreed to work together on security guarantees, as well as to continue mutually beneficial cooperation in the fields of economy, politics and culture.

Recall that the conversation between the Presidents of Russia and France, Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron, ended in Moscow, it lasted five hours.

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