“Made in the EAEU”: ISW showed how Putin wants to disguise Russian goods and circumvent sanctions


"Made in the EAEU": ISW showed how Putin wants to disguise Russian goods and circumvent sanctions

Sanctions continue to tighten the tight noose around Russia. At the same time, the aggressor country could already find a way to disguise Russian goods in order to circumvent the restrictions imposed on them.

Vladimir Putin is known to have met with the leaders of the member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. Also communicated with some other heads of the post-Soviet countries during the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council. It was held on May 25 in Moscow.

Russia is looking for ways to circumvent sanctions

During the meeting, Putin, Pashinyan and Tokayev called for further develop the EAEU with third countries.This includes, in particular, the inclusion of negotiations on concluding free trade agreements with the UAE, India, Egypt, Indonesia, Israel and Iran.

In addition, Putin called on the EAEUto create technological alliances with third countries . The Institute for the Study of War suggests that the Kremlin needs this to supply itself with critical components. Moscow will either produce them or buy them on its own.

The Kremlin is likely trying to convince EAEU member states and other post-Soviet countries to assist in the Kremlin's ongoing sanctions-evasion schemes with China, Iran and other countries by facilitating the logistics of these schemes. – the report says.

Thus, the President of Russia called for an increase in the number of new enterprises that should operate under the common trademark “made in the EAEU”.This should probably allow Russian products to appear on the shelves as if they were made in the EAEU. Thus, it can avoid Western sanctions on exports.

The EAEU wants to create a gas and oil market

The Institute notes that Lukashenka and Tokayev directly calledto create a full-fledged Economic Alliance with a working joint market.Moreover, the self-proclaimed president of Belarus claimed that representatives of the EAEU are discussing the creation of a common market for gas, oil, and petroleum products.

The authors of the report suggest thatBelarus and Kazakhstan can actively participatein helping Russia to circumvent sanctions. That is why the Kremlin probably wants to expand as well as formalize relations with an enlarged EAEU.

Analysts have noted that they have previously assumed thatthe Kremlin is using its dominance in the CSTO to demand from states -members of the procurement of dual-use technologies. Russia itself cannot buy them because of the sanctions imposed on it. Actually,something similar can happen in the EAEU.

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