Maksimko needs almost 2 million dollars for treatment: only today – the amount of assistance will be doubled


Maksimko needs almost 2 million dollars for treatment: only today – the amount of help will be doubled

Little Maxim has spinal muscular atrophy. The boy courageously fights the disease. However, to defeat the disease, he needs 1,890,000 dollars. Relatives are asking for help from all those who care.

A miracle will happen on February 22

So far we have managed to collect 30% of the amount. Important – every hryvnia. Especially February 22, 2023, because on this day the amount collected will be doubled. The details were told by the boy's father.

For the first time in the entire collection, a magician appeared who decided to help Maxim on the way to receiving treatment and double the amount collected, which will go only today (February 22 – Channel 24) to Maksimchik's accounts, Maxim's dad said.

How to help Maxim from SMA

How to help Maxim

Mono bank 5375 4141 0091 4612 Kirik Peter (dad)

Privat Bank (new card) 5168 7520 1177 7789 Kirik Petr (father)

Euro 5375 4199 0906 7256 UA973220010000026200327624760 Kyryk Roman (corner)

US Dollars 5375 4188 1278 2654 UA633220010000026200327628573 Kyryk Roman (corner)

ETH wallet 0x4a633045023F640d8eBa537b3FF26f31f85EA914

Pay Pal [email protected]

Important! A diagnosis of SMA means that neurons in the spinal cord are gradually dying. This leads to the death of neural connections with muscles and muscle atrophy – a complete stop of muscle activity over time. Without the necessary treatment, this is an irreversible process. First, a person loses the ability to move, and then breathe. At the same time, there is salvation.

Maxim is struggling with illness

When Maxim was born, doctors did not diagnose him with any diseases. At the same time, after the first birthday, the boy suddenly did not start walking. The baby's parents sounded the alarm and began to go to the doctors. At first, the doctors reassured him that everything would be fine, and the boy would still take his first steps.

For a long time, the studies did not give any results. So far, Polish doctors have not offered to take a test for SMA. Maksim was diagnosed after the start of the full-scale invasion.

Maxim is trying to take his first steps. But what the future of the boy will be depends on each of us.

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