Malyuk explained why Russian agents were caught “not always in handcuffs”, and how many of them were caught


Malyuk explained why Russian agents were caught "not always handcuffed", and how many were caught

During a full-scale invasion, SBU counterintelligence constantly detects hostile agents working for the occupiers. However, not all of them go to jail.

The head of the SBU, Vasily Malyuk, spoke about this in the project “A Year. Behind the Scenes. Special Serviceman” According to him, the SBU officers have already discovered many agents of various kinds. hostile agents

Vasily Malyuk noted the effective work of the SBU counterintelligence. It is she who is exposing Russian agents in Ukraine. In 2022, the SBU detected more than 300 Russian agents.

However, not all agents go to the dock. Vasily Malyuk explained that they are being dealt with accordingly, and if these agents can be recruited, then they are already being used in our interests. Recruited agents make it possible to misinform Russians, influence them or obtain the necessary information.

Others are punished with imprisonment for a term of 13 to 15 years in accordance with the article of the Criminal Code on high treason.

< p class="bloquote cke-markup">“Miscellaneous” enemy agents were delayed. This is from the usual collectors of information about the places of deployment and up to such as Medvedchuk (Putin's godfather – Channel 24), – said Malyuk.

How Medvedchuk worked with the FSB

Regarding Putin’s godfather Viktor Medvedchuk, who was detained by the SBU on April 12, 2022, Vasily Malyuk noted that he cooperated directly with the 5- th service of the Russian FSB, which was just engaged in work in Ukraine.

This FSB service had a plan called “Ray”, which is now in the SBU case file. In the documents, Medvedchuk made adjustments with his own hand on the activities of intelligence networks and the creation of occupation regimes on the territory of Ukraine.

Recall. At the beginning of the Russian invasion, Putin's godfather Medvedchuk escaped from house arrest, and his wife Oksana Marchenko fled from Ukraine to Belarus before February 24, and from there to Russia. On April 12, 2022, officers caught a traitor dressed in a military uniform. In September 2022, Viktor Medvedchuk was handed over to Russia in exchange for 200 Ukrainian and civilian soldiers, including Azovstal defenders and foreign volunteers.

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