Maneuverable and accurate: what is known about French technology, which is already on its way to Ukraine


Maneuverable and accurate: what is known about French technology, which is already on its way to Ukraine

In January of this year, France announced new aid to Ukraine. In addition to training our defenders, the country will provide the necessary equipment. It is known that the first batch is already on its way and will strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the near future.

Together with the courageous brand Kozatska Rada 24 Channel tells about the main novelties in the arsenal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In the new issue of the “Weapons of Victory” project, we invite you to learn about maneuverable and accurate vehicles from France.

Find out about the features of the AMX-10 RC armored fighting vehicles and why they are called light tanks in the material.

Tanks or armored vehicles: how to classify the AMX-10 RC

AMX-10 RC is an atypical armored vehicle. This affects, in particular, the plurality of definitions. The AMX-10 RC is often called an infantry fighting vehicle, a reconnaissance vehicle, or a light tank. What exactly is this technique?

The name of the armored vehicles AMX-10 Roues-Canon literally means “wheeled gun”. The French themselves use the word “tank” to designate it, sometimes a light or wheeled tank destroyer. However, the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe defines the AMX-10 RC as an armored fighting vehicle with heavy weapons. But if you call them “light tanks”, there will be no mistake, because the French army uses this term.

Outwardly, this armored vehicle really looks like a tank. However, there are many significant differences in the configuration. For example, instead of caterpillars, she has 6 wheels.

AMX-10 RC / French Ministry of the Armed Forces

A prototype wheeled armored vehicle was introduced in 1971 as an attempt to “modernize” the EBR reconnaissance vehicle. The main purpose of the novelty was the transportation of infantry, but after 2 years a tank turret was installed on the equipment.

After several additions, the developers handed over the armored personnel carrier for testing to the military. It is known that it lasted for several years. And only in 1981, France took the armored personnel carrier into service.

After 40 years, the AMX-10RP began to be replaced by EBRC Jaguars. With this in mind, today Paris will transfer the decommissioned equipment to Ukraine.

Key features of the AMX-10 RC

The main task of the AMX-10 RC is reconnaissance. However, due to its characteristics, it is also actively used to support infantry. So:

  • the weight of a light tank is 15.8 tons, and with additional armor – 16.6 tons;
  • the length of the tank hull without a gun is 6.24 meters, and with a gun – 9.15 meters;
  • width – 2.78 meters;
  • height – 2.56 meters;
  • crew – 4 people;
  • the main armament is the F2 BK MECA cannon with a caliber of 105 millimeters with a charge of 38 rounds;
  • secondary armament – coaxial machine gun for 4,000 rounds, anti-aircraft machine gun for 4 smoke mortars;
  • specific power – 16 horsepower per ton;
  • operational range – 800 kilometers;
  • speed on the road – up to 85 kilometers per hour;
  • off-road speed – 40 kilometers per hour.

AMX-10 RC / French Ministry of the Armed Forces

AMX-10 RC and combat use: how this armored vehicle will help the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The AMX-10 RC has a number of peacekeeping missions in its track record, but there was no specific combat use in wars. Therefore, in fact, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have to test these light tanks in real combat conditions.

Among the advantages that this armored vehicle provides is the ability to maneuver, identify and destroy enemy armored vehicles, in particular tanks. However, it should be understood that these armored vehicles are not tanks in the classical sense:

  • they are much lighter
  • less armored
  • more maneuverable, but less passable, because instead of the tracks that tanks are equipped with, French armored vehicles have wheels.

These armored vehicles are not tanks in the classical sense / Photo by the French Ministry of the Armed Forces

Specifications allow you to operate on the principle of “maneuver – fire – maneuver” and the AMX-10 RC can quickly change positions. In the presence of night vision equipment, these armored vehicles are ideal for terrifying the enemy in the dark.

If we talk about deep breakthroughs of the front, then this armored vehicle will be most effective as a reconnaissance vehicle that can independently detect and destroy hostile targets.

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