Manufacturer Bayraktar assured that he would never sell his drones to Russia


Bayraktar has assured that it will never sell its drones to Russia

Baykar made a statement about Russia/Baykar Defense Company

The manufacturer Bayraktar assured that he would never sell his drones to Russia. Also in the commentary, he declared support for Ukraine.

The corresponding statement was made by the General Director of the Turkish company Haluk Bayraktar. This happened on July 18 during an interview with an American TV channel.

Bayraktar will not sell drones to Russia

The presenter asked Haluk Bayraktar if the company could sell to Russia legendary Bayraktar drones.

We have never done this and never will. Because we support Ukraine, support its sovereignty, its struggle for independence,” Bayraktor assured.

The company’s CEO also explained that Turkey and Ukraine have a strategic level of relations, especially in the aerospace and defense industries.

“We are talking about years of efforts. Turkey supports Ukraine with combat drones, we also buy turbine engines for drones from Ukraine,” Haluk Bayraktar explained.

He added that they have built such relations with Ukraine which give advantages to both countries.

Briefly about drones from Bayraktar

  • The Office of the President announced that the Bayraktar drone, for which money was collected in Lithuania, has already arrived in Ukraine. It is known that the manufacturing company was touched by such solidarity of people in Lithuania and decided to donate the drone to our state. The money collected in Lithuania in Bayraktar was urged to be spent on other needs of Ukraine.
  • Subsequently, volunteer and presenter Sergiy Prytula announced the collection of money for three Bayraktar drones. Ukrainians collected 600 million hryvnias in 3 days, instead of the required 500.
  • After that, Bayraktar again announced that it would give Ukraine 3 drones. The money collected by Prytula was advised to send aid to the struggle of the people of Ukraine.
  • On June 28, Polish journalist Slavomir Serakovsky announced the collection for a drone. In less than 2 weeks, the campaign managed to raise PLN 9 million out of the required PLN 22.5 million. Polish director Agnieszka Holland joined the initiative.

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