Marcel Hirscher arouses curiosity with cryptic announcements


The eight-time overall World Cup winner is amused by people who claim that he is in “ski pension”.

Marcel Hirscher arouses curiosity with cryptic announcements

After retiring from professional skiing in 2019, Marcel Hirscher is busier than ever. During an advertising shoot for Audi on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, the Salzburg native revealed how he lived out his drive for innovation and what sparked his competition fever.

“The sport of enduro has become very dear to my heart,” says the 32-year-old, who recently announced that he would be taking part in the Red Bull Romaniacs enduro rally. “It's an incredibly complex sport that involves a lot of driving technique and fitness. Here, too, I was gripped by competition fever, that's why I take part in two to three events. Not to measure myself, but to develop myself – which means that you go out on the track with the best or with professionals. “

The Salzburg native doesn't want to rule out the possibility of taking part in a rally with a car. “I could imagine tackling a project like this,” he says and laughs: “As far as the challenge on four wheels is concerned, I'm still waiting for a call from Audi about a Dakar cockpit.”

After retiring from professional sport, he continues to be active and active and is driving projects forward: “I enjoy working with my partners on the technical development, but also on the design of the products. I now also have 'The Mountain Studio' assumed a direct role in a company. “

Not only as a co-founder, but also as a mastermind and product developer of the ski and winter sports brand. “It's always fun to read or to hear that I'm in ski retirement. I'm more active and versatile than ever – that feels absolutely good.”

Hirscher does not want to go into detail on this yet, only to reveal “that a lot is developing. You will definitely hear and see more from me again!”

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