Mariupol children saw more war than ways, need to destroy the image of the “commander” – Davidyuk


Mariupol children have seen more war than paths, we need to destroy the image of the

World leaders impose new sanctions on Russia every time, but ordinary people continue to believe in the lies of propaganda . It is necessary to debunk the cult of Putin so that his population begins to doubt his abilities.

About this Channel 24political scientist Mykola Davydyuk said. He also noted that while the Russians do not doubt their own “commander”, large-scale changes should not be expected.

They need to be squeezed so that the Russians themselves doubt the qualities of their commander . Mariupol children have seen more war than your Putin in his entire life, – Mykola Davidyuk is convinced.

According to the political scientist, Putin needs to be utterly defeated as a “commander”, it is after this that the physical and political death of this character will come .

The EU wants to limit visas for Russians

President Volodymyr Zelensky called on Western countries to ban entry to all Russian citizens. The head of state is convinced that a retaliatory step will entail pressure from the Russians on the Putin regime. Zelensky's call was supported by a number of countries, including Estonia, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Finland.

  • Estonian Prime Minister Kaya Kallas urged to stop issuing visas to Russian citizens. The Estonian government has imposed a number of restrictions on Russian citizens, as a result of which many categories of Russians are unable to enter Estonia.
  • Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin believes that Russians should limit the issuance of tourist visas at the European level.
  • < li> At the same time, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz does not support the corresponding ban. Scholz noted that it is important not to complicate the life of the opponents of the Kremlin. Also refused to impose a ban on the entry of Russian tourists, Portugal and the Hungarian government.

  • Russian oppositionists complain that the restrictions may prevent those categories of the population that do not support Putin from leaving Russia. At the same time, Russian liberals forget that they can flee persecution to Turkey or other countries of the East.

After all, Poland and the Czech Republic have already stopped issuing tourist visas to “simple innocent Russians.” It also talks about the adoption of a global ban on issuing visas to Russians in the EU. EU representatives explain that the goal is “to make it more difficult to obtain a visa and increase the list of documents.”

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