Masked face, new emoji and fewer ads: Apple unveils a new OS for iPhones

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Masked face, new emoji and fewer ads: Apple unveils a new OS for iPhones

Apple CEO Tim Cook is clearly pleased with the work of his team

Apple has introduced a new operating system for smartphones and iPad – iOS 14.5. It offers users a number of completely new functions, as well as improved versions of existing ones. For example, iPhones will now be able to recognize their owners even in masks.

We have collected some of the most interesting updates.

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Unlock iPhone without removing your mask

Until now, the Face ID function has only responded to an open face, and the proposed update is considered extremely important by the developers in the face of the pandemic. However, there is one condition – the function will only work if the user has an Apple Watch.

“Apple Watch should be on the wrist in an unlocked state and in close proximity to the iPhone. Then just one glance of the user at his phone, and the watch will receive an unlocking notification,” explains Apple.

Transparency in the selection of applications

This option gives you more control over how your preferences are tracked and personal information is used.

Now, when downloading new applications, a window will appear asking your permission to track your online activity.

This data is currently used by companies such as Facebook, for example, to select targeted advertisements. Facebook has already spoken out publicly against the change, as it means financial losses for it: the less it knows about you, the less money it can charge advertisers.

In addition, Apple's motives have also been questioned. If app developers can't make enough money from advertising, they'll have to raise the cost of their services, which is a direct benefit for Apple.

New emoji

In the latest update of the operating system, Apple introduced a number of new emojis – a woman with a beard, a face in the clouds, an exhaling emoji, a burning heart, a bandaged heart, a face with spirals instead of eyes.

It will also be possible to choose the skin color of the characters in the existing emoji of a kissing couple and a couple holding a heart.

Polyphonic Siri

Until now, the voice assistant Siri “spoke” with one single voice, incorporated into it by the developers. Users will now be able to select the tone they like best.

“The English version of Siri will now have a lot more options. In the new version, we use Neural Text to Speech technology, which allows you to achieve completely natural sounding of the voice,” says Apple.

According to the company, this is another step towards inclusiveness and diversity, which Apple considers to be a prerequisite for its work.

However, the company has been criticized for doing some of the iPhone manufacturing in China and not being strong enough about government bullying of Uyghurs. Apple's critics believe that the company should implement its declarations at home and abroad in the same way.

Personal belongings tracker

Apple offers users additional control over their personal belongings through so-called AirTags, which can be hung on wallets, keys and other small items that should always be with them.

The tag is a small disk with a sensor and a replaceable battery. With its help, the application will be able to notify you that you are moving away from your personal belongings.

If they are lost, they can be found through the Find My app.

Apple has come under fire again, however, as the tagging idea is very similar to the existing Tile product on the market. The US Senate held a hearing on this issue last week.

“We welcome competition, but it must be fair competition, and Apple is clearly demonstrating different beliefs,” said Kirsten Daru, a spokesman for Tile's development management.

She also accused Apple of preventing Tile from taking advantage of the technology behind Find My, giving it an unfair advantage to its own design.

Apple insists that their product is significantly different from Tile and from any other similar development on the market.

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