Mass attack by Iranian drones: can it happen again and how the Russians bypass our air defense


Massive attack by Iranian drones: can it happen again and how the Russians bypass our air defense< /p>

The Russians massively attacked Kyiv with Iranian drones on October 17th. Drone attacks will continue, but there are questions whether the Russians will be able to continue mass attacks on Shaheeds.

This is the opinion of Channel 24voiced by military expert Pavel Narozhny. Previously, it was reported how to recognize a combat drone and protect yourself from it.

The shelling will continue

According to Narozhny, drone attacks will continue. There are 2 sources who called a different number of Iranian drones from the Russians. The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov said that there are about 300 such drones in Russia, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that there are about 2400 such drones. However, most likely, the President simply misspoke and meant the number specified in the supply contract.

I'm not sure how many Iran can produce. What we see are attempts to remember our air defense system from different angles. However, it is not a static system like a castle wall. It is constantly changing, and new ones are added, such as IRIS-T and NASAMS. In particular, the drone attack on October 17 took place along the riverbed of the Dnieper. Of course, there are no air defense systems on the river, and they were looking for them on the banks,” the military expert said. the attack will not happen again.

The Russians are trying to bypass our air defense

The military expert continued that there are more and more radar stations in Ukraine. They are supplied to us by Western partners. However, right at the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russians, it was said that at that time our air defense system resembled a holey racket, with which we tried to shoot down a shuttlecock. Naturally, this is a war and, of course, there are losses on both sides.

“I don’t agree that the Russians bypass our air defense system with missiles like the American HARM, because they don’t have a direct analogue of such a missile. This is the most guided missile, they just shoot it in the direction of the place where they think there is air defense, and it hits the radar directly “They don't have a similar system, so they need to use Kalibr, Tochka-U missiles. When they see our system, they can fly through it,” he said.

Number of Iranian drones and missiles

According to Narozhny, only the engine can be bought for a drone in the public domain. In particular, even every Ukrainian on AliExpress can do this. The main thing is electronics. The chips are produced by large countries, and Iran can only get them through smuggling. These are only a few dozen pieces, so Iran can produce that many drones a year.

They have quite serious missiles, but there is quite a powerful sanctions pressure. These missiles are close in parameters to the Iskanders. Iran is not just in a vacuum, it is constantly at war or threatening war with Israel. Israel has a very powerful army. In addition, Iran has very tense relations with Saudi Arabia, which is supplied with weapons by the United States, Germany, including tanks, etc. – emphasized the military expert.

Born about whether a mass attack of drones can be repeated and how the Russians bypass our air defense: watch the video >He also spoke about the fact that drones themselves from registered hunting weapons or some other are not allowed. People don't know exactly where the debris might fall, and the consequences could be even worse. However, equipping certain posts on the roofs of houses is not a bad idea. However, this should be done by professionals who will shoot down drones with small arms.

“This should be done by the relevant authorities, such as the TRO, Air Force, Air Defense, but definitely not the forces of the residents of the houses, who united and made a post on his house in order to inform the police,” Narozhny emphasized.

Iranian drones: latest news

  • On the morning of October 17 Russian invaders massively attacked Ukraine with kamikaze drones. Putin's fighters fired almost fifty drones across our land, fortunately, Ukrainian soldiers shot down most of them.
  • Russian invaders have been actively using Iranian-made kamikaze drones in the past few weeks. We are talking about a type of drone Shahed-136, which the invaders call “Geran-2”.
  • Russia has probably concluded a new contract with Iran for the supply of Arash-2 drones. They are allegedly faster and more destructive than Shahed-136 drones, which the aggressor country is already actively using in Ukraine.

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