Massive protests in France over raising the retirement age: real chaos on the streets


Massive protests in France over raising the retirement age: real chaos on the streets

In many cities of France on Thursday, March 16, mass rallies were held. The protests began over an increase in the retirement age from 62 to 64 years, which the government passed without a vote in parliament.

On that day, French President Emmanuel Macron imposed a law on a new retirement age norm. The decision angered the French, protesters demand that Prime Minister Elizabeth Born resign.

Chaos on French streets as police use tear gas

On Thursday, March 16, Prime Minister Elisabeth Byrne announced that the authorities would apply a special article of the constitution 49.3, which would allow the President of France not to pass the document due to the vote of deputies. Emmanuel Macron seized the opportunity and pushed for a law to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64, the government passed it without a vote in parliament .

The French came out against the scandalous law on raising the retirement age / Photo AP

Consequently, the inhabitants of the country will be forced to work not up to 62, but up to 64 years . This decision outraged the French.

Flames broke out in Paris on March 16 / Photo by AP

Protests and demonstrations continue on more than one day in Paris and other cities, but on Thursday they broke all records for the number of disgruntled people. It is reported that about 450 thousand people came out in the capital alone .

The French are outraged by the increase in the retirement age: watch the video

French media are reporting that cars are on fire in the streets, and police are using tear gas and water cannons to somehow disperse the angry mob. However, this only incites protesters demanding that the prime minister resign.

French police arrested part of the protesters / Photo AP

Cars on fire in Paris due to large-scale protests: watch the video

As of 10:30 pm on March 16 (local time), at least 120 people had been arrested. Law enforcers recorded mass brawls and robberies of stores.

Already on the morning of March 17, BMF TV reported that the police had arrested 217 people . Calm has returned to Paris, the media noted.

French Senate approves controversial pension reform

  • Earlier in France, they adopted a pension reform that caused mass protests. The upper house of the Senate voted for it.
  • It is known that there were 195 senators “for” and 112 “against”. Then French Prime Minister Elisabeth Berne stressed that, they say, “an important stage has been passed.”
  • Voting was preceded by rallies. The population considers the reform scandalous and unfair.

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