“Masterpiece” from the occupiers: the Russians say they “suppress” the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the sounds of women's moans


The Ukrainian military continues to courageously resist the Russian invasion. The invaders are already boasting about how they are trying to exert psychological pressure on our defenders.

According to Russian media, the so-called psychological warfare units are doing their work on the line of combat clashes, Channel 24 reports. Their activities are aimed at calling on our defenders to surrender.

They want the military to lay down their arms

These divisions work, God forgive me, under Ugledar. To be more precise, one and a half kilometers from the front line. As the invaders boast, the morning begins with blank howitzer shots. Rather, this is how: agitation shells densely packed with leaflets are flying towards our defenders. They have calls to surrender.

Postcards – flowers. In fact, the enemies are not only constantly poking at our defenders. They are also doing everything to ensure that the Ukrainian military were emotionally and mentally exhausted.

A Russian fighter with the call sign Raven complains that he does not come out for a long time to exert psychological pressure during the day. They work for about 5 minutes until they are heard by the APU. After that, the invaders are covered with mortars, MLRS and other weapons.

Propagandists praise these units. Like, they work day and night. And if shots are heard during the day, then at night the sounds are aimed at ensuring that our defenders cannot fall asleep even for a moment.

Another occupier with the call sign Kalinka is the head of the operational group of this damn unit. He told how the invaders are trying to put pressure on our defenders at night.

At night, we do not give the enemy a rest. Constantly there is a psychological influence of various sounds that put pressure on the psyche. Various kinds of sound programs are used, ranging from children's crying to the groans of women. It really affects the psyche, he said.

Moreover, all sounds, screams, shouts and calls are heard both in Russian and in Ukrainian. Not without mention of the so-called “foreign mercenaries”. Under them, the invaders are already launching other programs that sound in English and Polish.

And while the invaders are trying to exert psychological pressure, our defenders are simply sending them to hell. So the statistics of enemy losses is growing every day at a rapid pace.

Colossal losses of the enemy

  • As of March 19, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already destroyed 164,910 Russian invaders. Over the past day alone, 710 invaders were sent to the “Kobzon concert”.
  • But that is not all. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, 3,532 tanks, 6,853 armored combat vehicles, 2,568 artillery systems, 507 MLRS, 268 air defense systems, 305 aircraft, 290 helicopters, 2,159 operational-tactical UAVs, 907 cruise missiles, 18 ships, 5,408 vehicles and tank trucks and 252 units of special equipment.

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