Measures against those who disagree with the new WhatsApp policy come into force

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Measures took effect against WhatsApp users who did not agree to accept the new privacy policy. Starting from May 15, the messenger promised to block calls and messages from dissenting users.

The company announced that the messenger would begin to take such restrictive measures on May 12. At the first stage, users who do not agree with the privacy policy should block access to chats and calls. They will be able to use the service functions only by answering incoming calls and messages.

At the second stage, users will be completely closed the ability to call and send messages, as well as receive notifications about incoming messages.

The company noted that the restrictions will be introduced gradually, over several weeks. Moreover, for each user, the time of each stage will be individual.

In January, WhatsApp announced that, according to a new privacy policy, the personal data of users of the messenger will be made available to all families of Facebook applications. The service management named May 15 as the date of entry into force of the new privacy policy.

In March, users were warned that those who disagree with the new rules would limit the functionality of the service.

Already in January, WhatsApp users began to leave the messenger en masse, preferring Signal and Telegram.

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