Medals instead of “lads”: how another “parade” of liquidated occupiers was staged in Russia


Medals instead of

In Russia, massive awards were given to volunteers – at least 14 medals “for courage” posthumously.

Death line for medals

These are given to elderly volunteers who foolishly rushed to fight on short-term contracts. A bunch of new names, but there are already well-known ones.

  • Dmitry Savchenko – retired lieutenant colonel, volunteer.
  • Valery stalko (60 years old) – reserve major, veteran of the armed forces of the Russian Federation/USSR, was in Kosovo.
  • Igor Merenov (54 years old) – Afghan, Chechnya, volunteer sniper.
  • Vasily Makoveev (56 years old) – once served in the USSR army , volunteer.
  • Vladislav Erakhtin (38 years old) – former ensign, left as a volunteer.
  • Stanislav path (49 years old) – just a volunteer.
  • Grigory Verkhoturov ( 49 years old) – a former dog handler in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, and so on.

In Russia, another batch of soldiers liquidated in Ukraine was awarded/Photo from Facebook by Anton Pavlushka

Not everyone was lucky to become “frets”

Most of them were destroyed back in April-May, literally in the first days of their stay at the front. This is the first “volunteer” wave.

The medals have just arrived. These did not even become “frets”, but a separate text should be written about this, because there are legal subtleties there.

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