Medvedchuk's longtime colleague Mikhail Pogrebinsky left Ukraine, – media


Medvedchuk's longtime associate Mikhail Pogrebinsky left Ukraine, Media

Pogrebinsky fled Ukraine/Social networks

Pro-Russian “businessmen” massively flee from Ukraine. Medvedchuk's colleague Mikhail Pogrebinsky decided to support this “flashmob”.

While Medvedchuk is hiding from law enforcement officers, his longtime ally Mikhail Pogrebinsky decided not to wait until justice comes to him. He decided to flee Ukraine.

Pogrebinsky's Escape

Medvedchuk's friend left Ukraine after the searches conducted on March 26. He was spotted at the Budapest airport. Pogrebinsky, in a conversation with his sister, mentioned that he was going to Hamburg.

Pogrebinsky is a pro-Russian political scientist who was part of Medvedchuk's political career in Ukraine. According to media reports, he also studied the mood of Ukrainians on certain issues and transmitted data to Moscow to make plans for Ukraine.

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