Medvedev absurdly compared the invasion of Ukraine with the war against Napoleon and Hitler


Medvedev absurdly compared the invasion of Ukraine to the war against Napoleon and Hitler

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council and Putin's loyal puppet Dmitry Medvedev again decided to issue a portion of absurd statements. For example, the politician decided to turn to history again, but this, to put it mildly, did not work out.

In his telegram channel, Medvedev decided to give his reaction to the alleged statements of the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell,< strong> reports Channel 24. However, obviously, the history of the former Russian president is very bad.

What Medvedev said there

If you believe the publications that disseminate the following information, then Josep Borrell, talking to journalists in Madrid, said that “Russia is a country accustomed to fighting to the end” and in this context mentioned Napoleon's attack on the Russian Empire in 1812 and the German-Soviet war with 1941 to 1945. The diplomat noted that it is necessary to provide more and more support to Ukraine, because it is a mistake to think that Russia has nothing to fight with. Interestingly, this statement is most actively disseminated by Russian or pro-Russian media. That is, the veracity of this statement is doubtful.

Dmitry Medvedev again decided to pick up the phone and issue an awkward statement. According to him, it was Russia that seemingly defeated Napoleon and Hitler, and Ukrainians for the Western world are the heirs of the two above-mentioned persons. Therefore, the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council speaks of a new “patriotic war”, in which Russia will allegedly win.

The Russian Empire and the Napoleonic wars: what Medvedev forgot

In 1812, Napoleon Bonaparte, the then emperor of the most powerful empire in Europe, decided to launch a military campaign against the Russian Empire. First of all, it is worth noting that everyone remembers this event because of the fire in Moscow, which almost completely destroyed it. Russians are used to claiming that it was Napoleon and his troops who burned down the Russian capital, but due to the scorched earth tactics used by the Russian Empire, historians are inclined to believe that the Russians themselves set fire to Moscow.

And most importantly, Medvedev forgot – participation of Ukrainians in the war against Napoleon. Most of the territory of Ukraine was then part of the Russian Empire, so many Ukrainians fought against the French army. In particular, everyone knows the writer and playwright Ivan Kotlyarevsky. That is, Ukrainians are by no means descendants of Napoleon, as Putin's henchman thought.

The Second World War and the USSR

Speaking about World War II, Dmitry Medvedev, like most Russians, tritely forgets the period from 1939 to 1941. For them, there is no such period. In Russia, they would prefer to forget about the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, according to which Hitler and Stalin divided Eastern Europe; the invasion of Soviet troops into Poland, which Germany had already attacked, the general military parade of German and Soviet troops in Brest, etc.

For Russia, there is only a war that began in 1941 with Hitler's attack on the USSR. However, in Moscow they greatly overestimate their own merits in this war, because then people from all over the USSR fought against the German army, and Ukraine and Belarus suffered the most from the hostilities. In particular, then every fifth Ukrainian died, that is, from 5 to 8 million people, or more than 40% of the total human losses of the USSR in the war. Therefore, when Medvedev talks about the “victories of Russia”, one should not forget what contribution the Ukrainians made in these wars, although now in Russia they are trying to portray us as the “descendants” of Napoleon and Hitler.

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