Medvedev ordered Wagner PPK to eliminate Italian Defense Minister Crosetto, – media


Medvedev ordered Wagner PPK to eliminate Italian Defense Minister Crosetto, - media

The Wagner PPK have offered a $15 million reward for the elimination of Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto. Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is allegedly behind this.

This was stated in Italian intelligence. There are many figures in the Western political world for whom the Kremlin has no sympathy. This list also includes Crosetto.

PPK “Wagner” was hired to eliminate the Minister of defense of Italy

According to Italian intelligence, Wagner has at least 2 cells in Europe – in the Balkans and in Estonia. The inclusion of a member of the government of a G7 country in the list of declared targets of mercenaries clearly marks an increase in the level of risk.

Intelligence notes that Crosetto was “booked” because of his recent claims of a significant increase in the number of migrants arriving by sea from North Africa. According to the minister, Russian mercenaries of the PKK Wagner may be behind this.

However, PIK founder Yevgeny Prigozhin denies the Italian government's allegations.

We are not aware of what is happening with the migration crisis, we are not dealing with this, we have a bunch of other problems that need to be solved,” Putin's “chef” said.

In addition, Prigozhin offended Crosetto, calling him “f*ck and badass.”

The activities of the PPC “Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin: briefly

  • The Italian government has said Russian Wagner mercenaries are behind the increase in migrant boats attempting to cross the central Mediterranean. This is part of Moscow's strategy of taking revenge on states that support Ukraine.
  • Political technologist, officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Taras Berezovets believes that the financing of Prigozhin's new political project is supported by the first deputy head of Putin's administration Sergei Kiriyenko and Igor Sechin, the formal manager of Rosneft. According to him, the head of the mercenaries is starting a big game in which he is supported by part of the cordon of the Russian dictator.
  • Russia fears that Prigozhin's “presidential ambitions” may threaten the regime of dictator Vladimir Putin. The head of the Wagnerites himself claims that Russian soldiers bring him ammunition to Bakhmut, despite the will of the Kremlin.

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