Medvedev took a “step back” in nuclear threats: the expert explained what has changed


Medvedev took a 'step back' on nuclear threats: expert explains what has changed

Medvedev stated that Russia is using nuclear weapons in accordance with Russian doctrine. This means that he has reduced Putin's nuclear blackmail, since Russian doctrine suggests the use of nuclear weapons only in a nuclear war or when Russia's existence is threatened.

Such opinion Channel 24voiced by the head of the Center for political studies “Doctrine” Yaroslav Bozhko. Earlier it was reported that Roger Waters changed his rhetoric against the backdrop of the nuclear threat and turned to Putin. Bozhko said that Medvedev's statements should be treated with skepticism. He is not a speaker of the real positions of the Kremlin, but acts as a simple propagandist. He is not even laurels or sands, but simply uses the image of the former president for his statements.

He said that the use of nuclear weapons would be in accordance with Russian doctrine. This is a “step back” compared to what Putin said not so long ago. Putin said that they would defend the newly annexed territories by all available means, obviously hinting at nuclear weapons, – said the head of the Doctrine Center for Political Studies.

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He continued that Russian doctrine implies the use of nuclear weapons only in the event of a nuclear war. Also in case of a threat to the existence of Russia as a state.

“It's not even about a threat to territorial integrity. It's about the structure of the state,” Bozhko noted.

Bozhko explained, What has changed in nuclear threats?The head of the Doctrine Center for Political Studies added that it is indicative that the Council of Federations and the State Duma abandoned the idea of ​​holding emergency meetings on September 29-30. So they “give time” to Ukraine and the West to call and agree.

The Russians are interested in starting negotiations with fixing Ukraine's refusal from Crimea. Neither the Kherson region, nor the Zaporozhye region, nor the Donbass are of independent value to them if we agree to give up Crimea. So they will not even need a land corridor to the peninsula, he stressed.

According to Bozhko, this will remove a number of problems with the Russians regarding sanctions in the region. They themselves want to end the war on their own terms, but these terms are not acceptable to Ukraine and the West.

“However, the Russians do not have the ability to effectively conduct this war in order to win,” summed up the head of the Center for Political Studies ” Doctrine”.

Russia's Nuclear Threats: Latest News

  • Russia continues its nuclear blackmail, endangering global security. The Kremlin is convinced that they “have the right” to use nuclear weapons and NATO will not react to this in any way.
  • Russia no longer hides that it intends to use nuclear weapons “if necessary”. Information about the purchase of iodine appeared on the website of the Kremlin department.
  • Russia has long been threatening the world with the use of nuclear weapons. Although there is indeed a possibility, experts believe that the head of the Kremlin needs threats more than the actual use of nuclear weapons, because then there will be serious consequences.

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