Medvedev's new nuclear threats: will this affect the decision of Western partners to help Ukraine


Medvedev's new nuclear threats: will this affect the decision of Western partners to help Ukraine

Russian Security Council Deputy Head Dmitry Medvedev again resorted to nuclear threats. He made the corresponding statement on the eve of the next meeting in the ''Ramstein'' format for specific purposes.

About thisChannel 24said investment banker Sergei Fursa. At the same time, he noted that it is possible to threaten nuclear weapons once or twice, and when this is done 100 times, the strength of these threats decreases.

Why Medvedev once spoke about nuclear war

Fursa noted that, given this statement, one can only be afraid of the fear that some leaders of Western states may have. Because Medvedev is now talking about this in order to prevent the supply of even more weapons following the results of Rammstein, in particular, so that the Germans and Americans would not dare to provide us with tanks.

After all, he noted, the main message is which sounded in Davos is that Russia must lose, and for this we need to give Ukraine more weapons.

And Medvedev is trying to sow doubts among European leaders that Ukraine should not as many weapons as possible, because if Russia loses, they will escalate to a nuclear threat,” Fursa said.

Because, according to the investment banker, Medvedev knows that European leaders and Americans, even with a 1% chance of a nuclear war, will not risk it. on the other hand, it is a strategic message to the Western elites in order to stop them from taking more radical steps in Ramstein,” Fursa stressed.

Will Medvedev’s nuclear threats affect the decision of Western partners to help Ukraine: watch the video< /strong>

Nuclear threats are already waning

He believes that the goal of Medvedev and the entire Kremlin is to provoke great fears of Western partners regarding a possible escalation.

< p class="bloquote cke-markup">Scholz staggers, and he can lean to one side or the other. In order to increase the likelihood that he will lean towards what is unfavorable to Ukraine, and what is beneficial to Russia, Medvedev makes a post, once again bringing nuclear threats to the table, Fursa stressed.

Another thing, he added, is to threaten with nuclear weapons once or twice, but when it is done 100 times, the very strength of these threats decreases.

Arms supplies to Ukraine: the main one

    < li> To fight Russian aggression, Ukrainian defenders need heavy weapons. Previously, the West hesitated to supply it because of the precaution that the Kremlin would provoke it. However, according to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the partners will soon increase the supply of heavy weapons to Kyiv.
  • Ukraine will soon receive American Bradley armored vehicles. This was confirmed by US President Joe Biden himself. BMPs are designed to transport motorized infantry units to the battlefield, conduct combat from a vehicle and provide fire support.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron promised to provide Ukraine with AMX-10 RC light tanks and ACMAT Bastion armored personnel carriers. This will significantly help the Ukrainian army in the fight against the aggressor.

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