Meeting in The Hague: artificial intelligence showed what Putin would look like in court


Meeting in The Hague: artificial intelligence showed what Putin would look like in court

Artificial intelligence has generated images showing what Putin would look like as a defendant. The footage received shows how a meeting could take place where the Russian president is held accountable for his war crimes.

The network published photos created by artificial intelligence. By the way, after the International Criminal Court recognized Putin as a criminal and issued a warrant for his arrest, Ukrainians exploded with funny memes on this topic.

How the neural network sees Putin at a meeting in The Hague

Artificial intelligence has generated what Russian President Vladimir Putin could look like at a trial in The Hague. It should be noted that artificial intelligence reproduced not only the appearance of Putin, but also his behavior and reactions, which made the picture more realistic.

How artificial intelligence sees the Hague meeting over Putin / Photo by Nexta

The Focus publication also asked the Midjourney neural network to portray the Russian aggressor as a defendant at a meeting of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The resulting images help to imagine a possible scenario for the trial of the Russian president.

Note that Putin is a war criminal who is conducting a bloody war against Ukraine, genocide of the Ukrainian people and regularly blackmails the world with the use of nuclear weapons. He must be held accountable for his actions before the law .

How the Midjourney neural network sees Putin in court / Photo by Focus

Drawn Putin is responsible for war crimes at a meeting of the ISS in The Hague / Photo by Focus

Arrest warrant for Putin: latest news

  • On March 17, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic suggested that such a decision could cause an escalation.
  • The Serbian president fears that the world is “not far from the start of a third world war.” At the same time, Russian propagandists continue to blackmail the international community and saber rattling.
  • In particular, Russian propagandist Simonyan threatened to launch a missile attack on the capital of any country that dares to arrest Putin. It was probably a nuclear attack.

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