Meghan Markle takes aim at the presidency

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Meghan Markle takes aim at the presidency

The PageSix edition claims that Meghan Markle is seriously thinking about the possibility of competing for the seat of the head of the White House and is now actively forging ties with representatives of the US Democratic Party.

Her accomplishments include organizing fundraising teams and helping campaign support for the Joe Biden administration.

“There is talk among internationalists and in the Democratic Party about Meghan's political ambitions and her potential backers,” the newspaper writes, citing a senior anonymous source from London with ties to Washington.

Political analysts suggest that the Duchess of Sussex plans to run for the presidency of the United States in 2024, but only if Joe Biden does not declare his desire to stay for a second term, which is quite unlikely, since the current head of the White House will be 82 years old by that time. …

The ambitious plans of Prince Harry's wife were announced by her biographer and friend Omid Scobie:

– Megan is the embodiment of the American dream. We may one day see Meghan become president.

Magazine magazine, commenting on such a short stay of Meghan Markle in the UK, citing an unknown friend of the Duchess, previously wrote that the desire of Prince Harry's wife to become involved in politics in the future was the reason for the preservation of American citizenship.

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