Melitopol and other occupied cities will be liberated almost simultaneously – Mayor Fedorov


Melitopol and other occupied cities will be liberated almost simultaneously, – Mayor Fedorov

The occupied territories will be liberated almost simultaneously/Photo from Facebook of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

All of Ukraine is waiting for the liberation of cities and villages that Russia cynically and vilely occupied. This must be done as quickly as possible, because the Russian army is committing atrocities against our people there.

The mayor of the temporarily occupied Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, spoke about the situation in the city on the air of the national telethon. He suggested when dismissal could be expected, Channel 24 reports.

Today, thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, only one thing is felt in the occupied territories – that everyone is waiting for the offensive of our heroic soldiers. Everyone clearly understands that Kherson and Melitopol and other temporarily occupied cities will be liberated almost simultaneously. – the mayor explained.

According to him, in this context, the inhabitants of Melitopol and other temporarily occupied territories got inspiration. Its reason is that a few days ago our Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that they had approached a 10-kilometer distance from the city of Kherson.

Fedorov explained that everyone was waiting for defenders. The protest movement rises again, resistance again. Infidels see this every day and feel completely uncomfortable in our land.

What is happening in Melitopol

  • The city is under the temporary occupation of the Russians. But it’s very hard for them there, because a stubborn partisan movement has been organized. Our partisans are liquidating not just Russian soldiers, but also commanders. They also put up postcards for infidels with threats. At the same time, the Russians decided to give representatives of the foreign press a “tour” through the temporarily occupied territories. They hired actors from Asia and fed them cherries in temporarily occupied Melitopol. They seem to be doing “something good” there.
  • There was also intelligence information that Russia was going to hold a so-called “referendum” on annexing the occupied South of Ukraine. They allegedly want to make Melitopol the capital. At the same time, the FSB officers, the National Guard and military personnel control the cities, carry out a “cleansing” there and try to recruit collaborators both in the “police” and in “local administrations”.
  • The enemy is trying to leave people in the temporarily occupied territories and no connection. Russians are afraid that people will read Ukrainian news and know the truth. In Melitopol, in particular, Ukrainian communications and the Internet disappeared. At the same time, Russian infidels are trying to connect their operators in order to deprive people of the opportunity to receive truthful information.

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