Melnik gave Germany a brilliant idea on how to “throw” the Russian fleet out of the Black Sea


Melnik gave Germany a brilliant idea on how to

Allies continue to give Ukraine weapons to defeat Russia. There will be tanks soon, fighters – we believe – too. What about submarines?

Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andriy Melnyk addressed the official Berlin with a corresponding initiative. As they say, they don't beat you for trying. Why not try to offer partners to provide us with something that will allow us to free the Black Sea.

Proposes to transfer the submarine

Hi guys, I know that I will have a new storm from g***a, but I have another creative idea, he wrote.

Melnik recalled that the German company ThyssenKrupp is manufacturing submarines HDW Class 212A. They are considered among the best in the world. Therefore, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany asked if the Armed Forces could share with our state. Like, they have six such submarines in service.If we were given at least one,then we could drive the Russian fleet out of the Black Sea.

Until this tweet gets to the German authorities, we will remind you of other assistance for Ukraine. For example, speeding up negotiations on the provision of aircraft, as well as long-range missiles.

There will be aircraft, it is a matter of time

    the process of transferring aircraft and long-range missiles to Ukraine is taking place in an accelerated mode.
  • This is not about fighters, but about attack aircraft, which we need on the battlefield. But long-range missiles will make it even more effective to devastate the enemy's logistics centers.
  • Recall that there is currently a debate on whether to transfer F-16 fighters to Ukraine. There are several states that support this decision as much as possible. But some NATO members are hesitant, fearing a possible escalation. But we have already gone through this with HIMARS, and with IRIS-T, and with Patriot, and with the same Leopard and Abrams.
  • As for tanks, 321 heavy tanks should be transferred to our state. This was announced by the Ambassador of our state in France Vadim Omelchenko. So far, only one question remains open: when this will happen.

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