Member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Evgeny Nifantiev suggests social networks to remove fake accounts

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Member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Evgeny Nifantiev suggests social networks to remove fake accounts

Fighting fake accounts will help protect children and adolescents from being cheated on social networks, says Evgeny Nifantiev, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. He appealed to the owners and moderators of social networks with a call to pay close attention to fake pages, behind which scammers and criminals can hide. Avoiding anonymity and exposing fake accounts will keep kids and teens safe on the Internet.

“Parents strive to protect their children from the threats of the real world, but often ignore the virtual world, naively believing that they are protected by the walls of their home,” said Yevgeny Nifantiev. – But when a teenager is texting on social networks with a person whom he does not know personally, he does not always realize that anyone can be hiding behind his avatar. And when communicating with a certain way, he can be manipulated by an adult and, as a result, receive serious psychological trauma.

A member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation believes that in order to effectively combat cyber fraudsters, it is necessary not only to legislatively improve the control system, but also to form a culture of behavior in social networks, which is still in its infancy in Russia.

– Obviously, introducing yourself to the network as a different person, it is much easier to evade responsibility, – emphasizes Nifantiev. – An adult man can write to a teenage girl by taking the avatar of a cute peer or a character from her favorite comic book. I am sure that no one will induce suicide or try to lure a child to a meeting by going online under their own name. If a person has nothing to hide, he is unlikely to hide behind avatars and romantic images.

That is why, Evgeny Nifantyev is sure, the owners of social networks and moderators have a huge responsibility for our children.

– I in no way call to violate the secrecy of correspondence and introduce some kind of total control. The first step can be to increase the responsibility of both the owners of social networks and ordinary moderators. It is they who can quickly delete accounts that pose a potential threat to users, Nifantiev suggests.

Earlier, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation organized a mini-football tournament for the Yevgeny Nifantiev Cup among children's teams of the Southern District of Moscow. The sports competition was held on June 9 at the stadium of the 904th school of the capital. The USSR master of sports in football Yuri Klimov came to support the children. Evgeny Nifantiev noted the importance of developing free circles and sections so that every child could practice their favorite sport within walking distance from their home. The founder of the Stolichka network of social pharmacies comes up with an initiative to build one hundred new swimming pools in Moscow within five years. Thus, in each administrative district of the capital, several swimming pools will appear at once, and residents of the city, including children, will have the opportunity to go swimming for free.

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