Men are kidnapped in Chechnya to send them as volunteers to fight against Ukraine


Men are kidnapped in Chechnya to send them as volunteers to fight against Ukraine

Kadyrov is trying by all means to supply “cannon fodder” to Putin/Collage of Channel 24

Chechen human rights organizations and bloggers are contacted by residents of the republic, who are forcibly mobilized. Men are literally kidnapped and sent as “volunteers” to the war against Ukraine.

It is noted that we are talking about dozens of such appeals and hundreds actually abductedof people. Usually, forcibly mobilized Chechens say that they are given a difficult choice – to sign a contract and go to kill Ukrainians, or to serve an indefinite period in “secret” prisons, they are intimidated and threatened with physical violence against them and their relatives.

In Chechnya, men are forcibly mobilized for the war against Ukraine

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine published a list of almost 2,500 Kadyrovites and so-called “volunteers” who in March – May 2022 they were sent to war against our state from Chechnya.

The Chechen human rights organization “Vayfond” said that they are receiving more and more appeals from residents of the republic, who are trying to find ways to avoid sending them to war . We are talking about dozens of messages asking them to help them escape from Russia, as they are preparing to be forcibly sent to Ukraine.

Human rights activists noted that such messages are sent by forcibly mobilized Chechens in “waves” – sometimes several are recorded at once, and sometimes none at all.

We are talking about dozens of people. They write with great distrust, anonymously, try in every possible way not to identify themselves, “clean up” the correspondence. There are people we know personally. Understanding the impasse, they ask how they can go over to the side of the Chechen battalion named after Sheikh Mansur in Ukraine (fighting on the side of Ukraine – ed. Channel 24), – they said in Vayfond.

Even people with disabilities are kidnapped

A representative of a Chechen human rights organization said that forced mobilization in the “volunteer” even applies to people with disabilities . Among the abducted there are those men who have nothing to do with state or law enforcement agencies.

They and their families are threatened and forced to sign papers. Although they categorically did not want to go to war, this is happening against their will. In addition, in the event of injury or death, extremely low compensations are prescribed in the documents – not the ones that propaganda speaks of. They are also dissatisfied with this, – added the Vayfond worker.

By the way, Islam Belokiev, a local opposition blogger, also spoke about dozens of cases of kidnapping of Chechens for the war in Ukraine. He noted that, according to his information, a very small part of those forcibly mobilized at the same time turn to human rights organizations.

“This is evidenced, at least, by the stories of those who dared to tell about their abduction – they say that other people were also kept in the departments with them.. For others, verbal threats of reprisals against them or their relatives are enough,” the Chechen blogger added.

Corruption in forced mobilization in Chechnya

One of the first reports about hundreds of kidnapped ethnic Chechens was published by the 1ADAT movement The organization said that the kidnapped were required to sign documents stating that they wanted to become “volunteers” and leave to fight in Ukraine, and in case of refusal they threatened criminal case.

The representative of the movement specified that some heads of district police departments in Chechnya demanded money in exchange for dismissal. According to him, they wanted 450,000 rubles from the kidnapped. He also noted that Russia is losing the war to Ukraine, so the Kremlin needs more and more new soldiers.

According to the information received, about 240 people were abducted … Since Kadyrov calls himself “Putin's infantryman”, then, like the rest of the heads of the regions, he will supply more and more live meat for slaughter to Ukraine. How to mobilize these people, force them to take up arms is the decision of the local authorities. Everything is used – promises of “golden mountains”, blackmail, threats, – summed up in 1ADAT.

We add that earlier Kadyrov promised every volunteer who goes to fight against Ukraine a one-time payment of 300 thousand rubles. At the same time, the requirements for candidates are minimal – they must be just “healthy” men under 50 years old, they may not have military service or military experience.

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